Special Collections

College of Wooster Campus Publications

We have digitized the following campus publications:

College of Wooster Robert D. Davis World War II Collection

The Robert Dodge Davis World War II Collection is a collection of correspondence about, from, and to Robert D. Davis (June 2, 1922 – March 3, 2012). Davis served as a rifleman and interpreter during World War II and, upon detachment, worked as an investigator with the Office of Military Government in Bavaria.

College of Wooster Buildings and Grounds

This collection contains digital images of buildings and grounds  that are affiliated with the College of Wooster or the city of Wooster. Sub-collections include the College of Wooster Lantern Slide collection and the College of Wooster Postcard collection.

College of Wooster Oral Histories

This collection contains oral histories told by students, faculty, staff and alumni of The College of Wooster.

College of Wooster Video Archive

Some videos from the College Archives housed in Special Collections have been digitized and uploaded to this Youtube playlist.